WEST PALM BEACH, FL — August 24, 2023 — Yesterday evening, the West Palm Beach Pavilion was abuzz with insightful conversations and innovative ideas during the “STEM in the City Forum.” Among the illustrious panelists was Grant McGaugh, renowned for his contributions to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a passionate advocate for the representation and empowerment of minorities in STEM.

Grant McGaugh Shines at the STEM in the City Forum, Spotlighting AI and Advocacy for Underrepresented Minorities in STEM.

Organized by the City of West Palm Beach’s Office of Small Minority/Women Business Programs in partnership with The Foundation Builders and Sophisticated Out Loud, the forum was designed to observe National Black Business Month. It provided a platform for dialogue on the importance of STEM careers in the black community, highlighting disparities in representation and the promising future of STEM in America.

Frank Hayden, Director, Small Minority/Women Business Programs, stated, “Having Mr. McGaugh on the panel elevated our discussions. His dual expertise in AI’s cutting-edge applications and his commitment to diversity advocacy added depth and perspective to our conversations.”

The STEM in the City Forum, open to all fields, was an evening of inspiration and strategic insight. With panelists like Grant McGaugh leading the dialogue, attendees left with not just knowledge but also the motivation to drive change in their respective fields.

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