Personal Branding

Be The Brand Called You

Grant McGaugh

Brand Strategist



"Grant is not only a highly knowledgeable HIT executive but also a skilled brand promoter. He is able to work with clients to define and then appropriately elevate their personal brand for maximum impact. He is so passionate about his gifts that he freely shares his talents and experience with others. A great communicator, Grant is someone you can depend on to deliver results."
Deborah Lee Eddie
DLE Consultant

Personalized Brand Story

⭐Video Creation

⭐Brand Style Guide

⭐ Media Kit 

⭐ Market Research

⭐ Web Sites & Virtual Worlds

Comprehensive  Personal Branding

⭐Professionally Optimized social media profiles
       including LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

⭐Social Media Communication Cadence, Content

⭐Guidance and Success Measurement Framework

⭐ Brand Blueprint

⭐Develop what is the best way to position you, online, in your industry

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