Personal Branding

star Services include a thorough analysis of your personal digital footprint

star Comprehensive and unique personal branding recommendations

star Professionally Optimized social media profiles including LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

star A social media communication cadence, content guidance and success measurement framework

star Develop what is the best way to position you, online, in your industry

Personal Branding – Personal Branding is your most valuable career asset when you know how to uncover, express, and nurture it..”– William Arruda Author of Digital You

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70% of recruiters have rejected candidates based on info found online. A personal brand is a relationship with you, an individual who exists separately from your company. It involves finding your uniqueness, building a reputation on the things you want to be known for, and then allowing yourself to be known for them. 5 STAR BDM offers you a way to confidentially and professional differentiate yourself from the competition, to ultimately advance your career, increase your circle of influence, and have a larger impact. Whereas some self-help practices focus on self-improvement, personal branding defines success as a form of self-packaging. 5 STAR BDM as an executive coach guides you through a range of services from digial media evaluation, strategic planning and personal brand campaigns along with designing and facilitating workshops and webinars that empower you and your business.

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