So6 Executive Presence EP 28: Project 12: Uniting Voices, Uplifting Lives with Shenetria Moore and Grant McGaugh

Grant McGaugh . 28 . 40:22

When Shenetria Moore marched out of the army and into the boardroom, she carried with her a vision that would ignite a cultural renaissance. I had the privilege of sitting down with this dynamic changemaker on our latest episode of Follow the Brand, peeling back the layers of her brainchild, Project 12. It’s a platform dedicated to transforming the narrative around Black professional men, elevating them not just as leaders in their fields, but as beacons within their communities. This conversation takes us on a journey from the inception of Project 12 to its life-altering impact on both the participants and society at large.

The air crackles with the energy of inspiration as we recount the moving stories touched by Project 12’s influence through community events and publications. The initiative’s ethos—nurturing excellence and providing mentorship—ripples through conversations about creating pathways for the next generation in diverse professional realms. The chapter on community celebration is a heartfelt testament to the drive and ambition fostered within these men, highlighting how the pandemic’s challenges were met with innovation, like the drive-up movie event, ensuring the flame of recognition and empowerment never flickered out.

Wrapping up this riveting discussion, the spotlight turns to an upcoming networking event in Palm Beach. The event is a microcosm of Project 12’s grandeur, weaving together personal connections, visual storytelling, and a vibrant tapestry of professional collaboration. As we tease out the meticulous planning and anticipation surrounding this gathering, it’s clear that what started as a spark in Shenetria’s mind is blazing a trail for a global movement—Project 12 is not just redefining success, it’s crafting a legacy that promises to inspire for generations to come.

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