The Story Behind The Host Grant MCGaugh

Personal Branding Strategist & Business Development Coach

Grant McGaugh is a personal branding strategist and business development coach who helps entrepreneurs, professionals, and small businesses build strong brands that attract the right clients and opportunities.

With over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Grant has a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that businesses face. He is also a recognized thought leader and super-connector in the healthcare community.

Grant is the founder of 5 STAR BDM, a business development firm that helps clients achieve their goals through strategic planning, execution, and relationship building. He is also the host of the Follow The Brand Podcast, where he interviews thought leaders and experts on personal branding, business development, and entrepreneurship.

Grant is a frequent speaker at industry events and has been featured in publications such as Yahoo Finance, Canvas Rebel, Becker’s Healthcare, The Miami Herald, and the Sun-Sentinel. He is also a member of the National Association of Health Services Executives (NAHSE), ICABA, Gatherverse, Black Business Expo and the South Florida Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS).

Personal Branding

Grant is a passionate advocate for personal branding. He believes that everyone has a unique story to tell and that by sharing their story, they can connect with others on a deeper level and build a strong personal brand.

Grant’s personal branding program helps clients identify their unique value proposition, create a compelling personal brand story, and develop a strategy for sharing their story with the world.

Business Development

Grant is also a skilled business development coach. He helps clients identify their target market, develop a lead generation strategy, and close more deals.

Grant’s business development program is based on the belief that building relationships is the key to success. He teaches clients how to build relationships with potential clients, partners, and referral sources.

If you are looking for a personal branding strategist or business development coach, Grant McGaugh is the perfect person for you. He has the experience, expertise, and passion to help you achieve your goals.




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What Guests Say

Thanks for the interview Grant McGaugh! CourMed® is a billion-dollar exit and our newest partners saw it right away. Heck of a start for my seeds that will complete my assignment.
Sharing a powerful conversation that Grant McGaugh and I had about creating brand magic for people. Have a listen to the latest episode on Follow The Brand Podcast. So many people are stifled at work and need help and guidance to redefine who they are. Not to mention the confusion about how to tell the world about it. Grant and I talk about the theory and practice of becoming a magnet for the work you love. Listen up and let me know what you think!
Grant is not only a highly knowledgeable HIT executive but also a skilled brand promoter. He is able to work with clients to define and then appropriately elevate their personal brand for maximum impact. He is so passionate about his gifts that he freely shares his talents and experience with others. A great communicator, Grant is someone you can depend on to deliver results.
I saw the video you produced to go with the podcast it made me cry! You did such a great job thank you for putting so much effort into promoting the episode! I also saw the incredible comments you were getting from your LinkedIn community
Grant McGaugh is a passionate business person who balances hustle with business insight.
Excellent interview on personal branding with host Grant McGaugh Living with more Soul
Grant has an innate sense for bringing relevant, high demand content to his target audiences. The opportunity to work closely with Grant is both fulfilling and uplifting, and I recommend Grant and the services he provides without reservation.
“Grant McGaugh, as the host, is exceptional. His in-depth questions and genuine curiosity are what make ‘Follow the Brand’ stand out. I’ve always been selective about podcast appearances, but with Grant, it felt like a natural conversation between two branding enthusiasts. Listeners are in for a treat!”
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