Future of AI, Cybersecurity, and Inclusion with Tech Pioneer Felicita ‘Fifi’ Sandoval

Grant McGaugh . 25 . 43:00

When the worlds of AI and cybersecurity entwine with the essence of human compassion and diversity, remarkable stories like Felicita “Fifi” Sandoval’s emerge. In today’s episode, we’re weaving through Fifi’s vibrant tapestry of experiences, seeing how her shift from finance to tech pioneer is reshaping her life and the landscape of ethical AI and cybersecurity. Her tale is a beacon, highlighting the importance of fostering inclusive technologies and the power of a diverse workforce in shaping a responsible digital future. With Fifi’s guidance, we also explore mentorship’s vital role, proving how one’s dedication to uplifting others can ignite a chain reaction of innovation and progress.

Hold onto your hats as we navigate the intricate labyrinth of AI implementation, where every step is a dance between benefit and risk. Together with Fifi, we journey through the maze of digital hygiene, emphasizing the urgent need for both industry professionals and casual users to armor up against cyber threats. We cast a light on the critical frameworks that are the NIST and ISO, contemplating their influence in carving out a path for AI’s ethical evolution. Moreover, Fifi shares her insights on the EU’s pioneering role in AI regulation and why it’s crucial to distill wisdom from our technological past to responsibly steward AI’s future.

Wrap up your earbuds tightly; we’re about to dive into the story of Fifi’s first Capture the Flag event, where she wrestled with self-doubt only to emerge victorious on the other side. It’s a narrative studded with perseverance, academic dedication, and the blossoming of self-confidence that underscores the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone. PP’s journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of community and mentorship in the tech world. So, take this opportunity to connect with a trailblazer who is not just navigating the cybersecurity frontlines but also laying down the welcome mat for the next wave of tech enthusiasts.

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