Embark on a technological odyssey with us as digital innovator Rob Petrosino shares his visionary insights into the thriving convergence of AI, mixed reality, and personal branding. This episode promises to transport you to the forefront of a digital revolution, where the lines between the virtual and the real are not just blurred but redrawn. We discuss the leap from cloud computing to the era of blockchain, and how these seismic shifts in technology empower us to leave an indelible mark in our domains of expertise.

Episode Timeline

10:00 The Future of Emerging Technology

59:00 Implications of Emerging AI Technology

20:00 Digital Marketing and Agency Expertise

20:00 The Future of Immersive Technology

The ramifications of soaring AI advancements are as profound as they are pervasive, demanding a conversation that stretches beyond mere technicalities to encompass ethics and human behavior.


Special thanks to @Rob Petrosino for joining this amazing episode. This is incredibly advantageous if you have your own podcast to promote, since the audience is already listening to podcasts, meaning they’re much more likely to subscribe to your own podcast.


Rob Petrosino

Digital innovator

Step into the realm of resolution as I, Grant McGaughan, engage with Rob Petrosino, whose extensive expertise as a Digital innovator brings new light to the complex interactions within community crises.

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