Discover the powerful story of Angela Bergsma as she navigates the shift from naval intelligence to a cybersecurity vanguard, breathing life into the movement Latinas in Cyber. Our conversation with Angela is a peek behind the tech industry curtain and a revelation of the unique barriers Latinas encounter in the field. We traverse the landscape of mentorship, the significance of cyber hygiene, and the strategies to stay ahead of digital predators.

Celebrating the strides made by Latinas in Cyber, this episode is a testament to the organization’s commitment to education and setting a stage for women to dazzle in technology and cybersecurity


Special thanks to @Angela Bergsma for joining this amazing episode. This is incredibly advantageous if you have your own podcast to promote, since the audience is already listening to podcasts, meaning they’re much more likely to subscribe to your own podcast.


Angela Bergsma

Cybersecurity Vanguard

Angela and I dissect how to alter cybersecurity perceptions within Latin cultures to promote inclusivity and advocate for the mosaic of voices essential for formidable security.

Eavesdrop on a discussion that transcends typical cybersecurity dialogues, highlighting that a flair for organization and management parallels technical skills in industry significance. We tackle the human factor as cybersecurity’s Achilles’ heel and champion the crusade for cyber literacy starting at a tender age. Recognizing the influence of visible role models and thought leadership, this episode doesn’t just spotlight the pathway for women aspiring to tech greatness—it equips every listener with the savvy to confront the omnipresent digital threats confidently.

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