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Blueprints of Brilliance: Revolutionizing Business with the Power Trio of PR, Branding, and Marketing with Karla Jo Helms of JOTO PR

Let’s light the fuse and ignite the conversation with Karla Jo, a maverick in the world of public relations and the dynamo behind Joto PR. Get ready to challenge what you know about PR, branding, and marketing as Karla demystifies the differences between these business-critical sectors. We uncover how PR’s superpower lies in its ability to mold public perception, build trust, and facilitate business success. Whether you’re a startup or a multinational, there is immense potential in sculpting public opinion to your brand’s advantage. 

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Special thanks to @Karla Jo Helms  for joining this amazing episode. This is incredibly advantageous if you have your own podcast to promote, since the audience is already listening to podcasts, meaning they’re much more likely to subscribe to your own podcast.


Karla Jo Helms

anti-PR chief strategist and evangelist for Joto PR Disruptors

Step into the realm of resolution as I, Grant McGaughan, engage with Karla Jo Helms, whose extensive expertise as anti-PR chief strategist and evangelist for Joto PR Disruptors brings new light to the complex interactions within community crises.

Last, but not least, we’ll navigate the intricate webs of relationships in the media and branding industries. The importance of a robust brand, a toolbox of communication strategies and the art of relationship-building are all part of the roadmap to success in today’s fast-paced media landscape. We also chat about podcasting, a rising star in the communication hall of fame, and its evolution during the pandemic. Take advantage of our outgoing chat with Karla Jo Helms as we delve into brand development and the art of communication and their collective impact on business success. So, lace up, tune in, and join us on this exhilarating journey of corporate storytelling at 5 STAR BDM.

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