Witness the undeniable influence of media portrayals on the fabric of African American communities, as we dissect the ramifications of a narrative skewed towards criminality. The conversation meanders through the societal echoes of negative news, emphasizing the critical need for redefining stories that shape our collective consciousness. As our dialogue unfolds, we delve into the human psyche’s proclivity for the sensational, recognizing the power wielded by stories and the responsibility of media in crafting the societal lens through which we view ourselves and our neighbors.

Episode Timeline

10:00 Conflict Resolution

59:00 Need for Conflict Resolution Experts<br />

20:00 Media's Impact on Community Perception<br />

20:00 Closing remarks

As the echoes of our conversation linger, the invitation stands to join in the collective endeavor to advocate for a more harmonious society through informed conflict resolution and heartfelt mentorship.


Special thanks to @Stanley Zamora for joining this amazing episode. This is incredibly advantageous if you have your own podcast to promote, since the audience is already listening to podcasts, meaning they’re much more likely to subscribe to your own podcast.


Stanley Zamora

Florida Supreme Court certified mediator

Step into the realm of resolution as I, Grant McGaughan, engage with Stanley Zamora, whose extensive expertise as a Florida Supreme Court certified mediator and arbiter brings new light to the complex interactions within community crises.

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