Get ready to be enthralled as I, Grant McGaugh, team up with the remarkable Shawnna DelHierro — an IT prodigy with a 20-year journey in the tech world. Together, we explore the intersection of technology and leadership, shedding light on how innovation can be a force for good, particularly in healthcare and retail. Shawnna, an expert in IT strategy, imparts her knowledge on building impactful teams that excel in openness and the freedom to innovate. Experience her distinctive approach that redefines IT leadership, moving beyond conventional tech discussions to a domain where strategic vision is paramount. Additionally, we celebrate the crucial role women play in shaping technology and emphasize the importance of making this field accessible and exciting for the younger generation.

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Shawnna DelHierro

IT prodigy

Step into the realm of resolution as I, Grant McGaughan, engage with Shawnna DelHierro, whose extensive expertise as IT prodigy brings new light to the complex interactions within community crises.

In our captivating conversation, we tackle the significant impact of automation, not as a threat to the workforce but as a catalyst for human creativity and progress. We delve into the nuances of driving organizational change, where passion and a committed team are key to achieving real progress. Venturing into the essence of what it means for companies to embrace their true purpose, we explore how automation and AI can unlock creativity, particularly in a world reshaped by a global pandemic. You’ll discover how businesses can use technological agility to adapt to today’s uncertainties, from the Great Resignation to climate-induced disruptions, while strengthening their cybersecurity defenses. It’s a journey through how technology not only drives us forward but also enhances our collective capabilities, ensuring a future where every talent is utilized for the collective benefit.

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