Business Development

Business Development Leadership – We Work hard every day to make your business the most respected brand in the community.
Do you feel the need to expand your business in key markets but you do not have the resources to do it? Would it be great to have someone with the network of buying clients already established? Business Leaders are looking for high-growth, high-potential in rapidly changing markets. Although every business is unique, they often share business development challenges that can be addressed through smart branding. For this very reason, 5 STAR BDM offers confidential, professional executive coaching to guide you along the complicated business development road, providing the enhancement tools and information you need to succeed. Services range from business evaluation, strategic planning and personal brand campaigns along with designing and facilitating workshops and webinars that empower your business.

star Building a Target Audience: We are the best in the business. We have a team of individuals that are dedicated to creating your specific list of clientele that is professional and personable. Together that makes a winning combination bringing new customers to our clients.

star Creating a Brand Presence: There are many components that make up a brand, including logos and packaging, brand equity (which is the value of perceptions and expectations about your brand), and the brand persona or voice. Your brand strategy is an essential tool to developing these elements so that they work together in the minds of your clients to give them confidence when considering making a purchase.

star Generating Revenue: Did you know that small to mid-size businesses that work from a marketing plan generate more revenue than their peers by 30% and with a written vision grow 50% faster? We do! Let’s write a plan together.

star Contract Negotiation: Don’t have time to negotiate? We do! 5 Star BDM negotiates contracts every day for its clients. We take your company through the process of “Give and Take” making sure you and your company benefit to the fullest.

star Pipeline Development: We perform all of the activities in order to manage potential customers for its clients and encourage all new customer to be loyal. Pipeline development is crucial to all companies no matter its size.

Delivering practical business knowledge to effect the kind of awareness that drives real–world results, 5 STAR BDM’s network of clients empowers your business to overcome obstacles that lead to improved business performance. Ultimately, this work is transformational leading to MORE BUSINESS for the organization.

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