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Owner and Founder of 5 STAR BDM, Grant McGaugh, recognized by Legacy Magazine as a thought leader and super-connector for healthcare professionals. His highlights include establishing a statewide organization for the National Association of Health Services Executives for Florida. He serves as the immediate past president and as Regent National Board member of NAHSE. He is also the Program Chair for HIMMS. He provides knowledge share programs for Health information technology professionals in South Florida—named by Miami Legacy Magazine as South Florida’s Top Black Healthcare Professional of 2019 and an African American Achiever by JM Family in 2020. Grant McGaugh has created a socially conscious digital presence that inspires the healthcare community. Grant was also recognized by Becker’s Healthcare review and Best Selling author and Brand Master Martin Lindstrom in 2021. With over 20,000 followers collectively, Grant has taught entrepreneurs, students, and multi-passionate go-getters from all walks of life how to dream big and back it up with daily action to create results. He offers his acclaimed personal branding program and business development strategy for small enterprise, featured both in NAHSE News, the Miami Herald, and the Sun-Sentinel:

How to Create a Personal Brand Vision Board – Grant McGaugh

Grant McGaugh delivers Keynote on Personal Branding on how to create your Personal Brand Vision Board

* Discover the 12 Brand Archetypes
* The Four categories of your Vision Board
* Understand the Value of the 5 STAR BDM Brand Strategy program
* Skills Gap Workbook
* Brand Blueprint

12 Brand Archetypes

How To Create a Personal Brand Vision Board

Grant CEO of 5 STAR BDM Presents “The Time To Brand You is NOW” for NAHSE Florida

“All of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the Brand Called You.”

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Black Business Olympics Features Grant McGaugh The Personal Brand of You

Black Business Expo USA is back with new topics and speakers for its celebrated Black Business Olympics, a seven-day 24-hour virtual event dedicated to black founders, entrepreneurs, business owners, organizations, and corporations. Black Business Expo USA kick-off event in November of last year attracted over 38,000 viewers. 8 AM to 8 PM at;

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The Most Riveting Keynote on Personal Branding in America

International Brand Master and Best Selling Author Martin Lindstrom features Grant McGaugh

In this episode, Martin Lindstrom discusses the nonsense taking place in the healthcare industry with Grant McGaugh, Owner of 5 STAR BDM | Business Development | Brand Strategist Digital Health Influencer and Lee Dawson, Marketing Leader.

#commonsense #marketingconsulting #healthcare
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The Personal Brand of You- Steps to Building Your Brand Let’s connect and learn in the Process!

Grant McGaugh, CEO, 5 STAR BDM will be the featured speaker for the ACHE Central Florida Youth March Lunch N’ Learn at noon on March 17th.

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Business and Technology Keynote featuring Grant McGaugh CEO 5 STAR BDM

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Grant McGaugh, CEO of 5 STAR BDM and innovation expert for SMB and Entrepreneur brands. A great speaker who can shift thinking, influence new ideas, and inspire innovation. Grant teaches how to leverage new technology and collaboration tools to achieve better business results.

Grant McGaugh Interviews Christopher Lafayette – The Human Journey into the Metaverse

Deep Dive discussion on the Leap of Humanity into the Metaverse during the Black Business Expo Spring edition with host Grant McGaugh

How will implementations of the metaverse develop around the world and specifically for Black People?
How will the metaverse unfold and transform enterprises?
Can you identify the components of the modern metaverse environments?
What are the top companies involved in the metaverse?
What questions would you ask a Metaverse design agency before you hire them?
How will the metaverse reframe human-centered experiences?

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Chris Lafayette – Emergent Technologist

The Human Journey – Metaverse Interview with Christopher Lafayette

Genius is Common

Welcome to the Genius is Common Movement. Your work and Geniuses are awesome. – Bruce George
Bruce George is the Co-Founder of the award-winning “Russell Simmons Presents, Def Poetry Jam,” and the Founder of the rapidly growing “Genius Is Common” Movement. The Genius is Common Movement is about tearing down the Berlin Wall of the word genius.” Be inspired – Be engaged – Be empowered.

Join over 80 celebrities, 600 entrepreneurs, and hundreds of early careerists
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5 STAR BDM chosen to promote Black Professionals Month

5 STAR BDM is chosen as the promoter of Black Professionals Month supporting ICABA!

Despite gains in education and employment opportunities since the civil rights era, black
professionals continue to be significantly underrepresented in leadership advancement
and wealth generation. This needs to change and Black Professionals Month is a strategic
initiative to ignite the change black professionals need to see.

Black Professionals Month

Black Health Equity Mastermind Group features Grant McGaugh

Black Health Equity Mastermind Group features Grant McGaugh

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ICABA MasterMind Group Black Health Equity collaborates with 5 STAR BDM

ICABA has launched a new initiative: Black Health Equity. I am honored to be a co-organizer of this initiative with Marc Adams and Jerome Hutchinson Jr.

The mission of black health equity is to collaborate with leaders and stakeholders in healthcare worldwide to advance awareness and advocacy of information, expertise and resources that correct long-standing racial inequities and economic injustices in healthcare for communities of color. Click Here

Technology & Value-Based Care Model: Aligning Development & Business Goals to Improve Patient Care

5 STAR BDM Creates design for South Florida HIMMS Chenmed event starring CEO Christopher Chen and CIO Hernando Celada

In this session, we will examine ChenMed’s custom-developed CareSuite Electronic Health Record (EHR) as a case study on how aligning technology to business initiatives has allowed us to improve care for our patients.

Download the webinar at Technology & Value-Based Care Model


Grant McGaugh, CEO of 5 STAR BDM picked as MC for South Florida HIMSS Integrate Seminar

Grant McGaugh was chosen to be the Master of Ceremony for the 10th Anniversary HIMSS South Florida Chapter Integrate Seminar.

SFLHIMSS Integrate is the premier health information and technology event in South Florida, where professionals throughout the health ecosystem connect for education, innovation, and collaboration. For 10 years, HIMSS members and healthcare professionals—from CIOs and senior executives to providers and payers to IT consultants and entrepreneurs—have come together to attend this most influential conference and trade show.

South Florida HIMSS Integrate Conference

5 STAR BDM Creates flyer for ISACA and SOUTH FLORIDA HIMMS Cybersecurity Event

5 STAR BDM CEO Grant McGaugh kicks off This joint event hosted by ISACA South Florida and HIMSS South Florida will discuss risk management strategy for healthcare organizations in 2021, including discussion about safeguarding PHI, defending against ransomware, and understanding emerging threats and security innovations. The event will include a panel of local South Florida Healthcare CISO.

South Florida HIMMS Digital Transformation features Grant McGaugh, Program Chair

Stellar program presented by the South Florida HIMSS Chapter with detailed conversations on digital transformation. The program featured best selling author Edward Marx, Cheryl Rodenfels , Sarah Richardson moderated by Jeffrey Sturman. Click below to listen to the recorded session.Listen Here

REWIND DEFINING YOUR BRAND WITH GRANT MCGAUGH hosted by The Life and Business Trailblazer Podcast

Welcome back to another episode! Grant McGaugh is the CEO of 5 STAR BDM and 20 years of IT Sales experience. Grant is a Super-Connector and Personal Brand Expert. He has mastered the art of telling his story and building his brand. In this episode, he breaks down the ingredients that comprise a brand.

Key Takeaways

1) Learn how to tell your story
2) Learn how to share your story
3) Learn how to build your story

Tune in Episode One on the Trailblazer Spotify Rewind and Episode Two on Instagram!
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Miami Herald features Immediate Past President Grant McGaugh of NAHSE Florida

Miami Herald a “ Growth in Local NAHSE Highlights the Need for More C Suite Leadership

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Grant McGaugh recognized by JM Family as a 2020 African American Achiever

Nominee for celebrating members of the South Florida Health community who made a difference in the lives of others. A meaningful difference driven by passion and a greater purpose.

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5 STAR BDM recognized as Business of the Week

Business Profile of the Week July 2020
Founded by Grant McGaugh “We work hard every day to make your business the most respected brand in the community. Our business and personal branding company has helped a number of professionals and organizations to optimize and grow. The Result More Business 🌟 More Opportunities 🌟 Better Reach 🌟 Positive Outcomes 🌟”

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Grant McGaugh helps distribute Food and Masks to unsheltered in Tallahassee.

NAHSE Florida Gives Food and Masks to unsheltered in Tallahassee.

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5 STAR BDM owner Grant McGaugh Recognized as a Thought leader and speaker in the community

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NAHSE Member

NAHSE Member on the Move Grant McGaugh

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Joins Connections as Healthcare Executive 2020

Grant McGaugh joins multibillion dollar tech firm Connection Enterprise

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5 STAR BDM Promotes Personal Brand and Career Coach Denise Kaigler

5 STAR BDM promotes Personal Brand and Career Coach Denise Kaigler Take Control OF YOUR NEXT

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5 Star Captions

From our Offices in Miami Lakes, Florida, 5 STAR BDM provides business development and personal branding for small to mid-size companies. Grant McGaugh, managing director of 5 STAR BDM, has helped a number of professionals and organizations optimize and grow their revenues by providing business management and personal brand development, both locally and nationally to a broad spectrum of business clients and is a requested speaker on digital technology and brand development issues.

Super Connect Your Business! Call for a free, no obligation consultation to see how 5 STAR BDM business development expertise can enhance your opportunities by coaching and consulting your Leaders, Teams & Organizations on improving Business Efficiency and Effectiveness.