Operations and Process Improvement

Hospital process improvement involves the identification of an organization’s business processes, alignment of those processes with organizational strategy and continuous improvement that considers both the customer, regulatory and technology requirements. 5 STAR BDM designs cost-saving solutions in one location, maximizing profitability in another, reducing bottlenecks, revamping the procurement process, and streamlining logistics. Our operational healthcare consulting services deliver revenue improvement, expense reduction and clinical optimization solutions using tested methodologies and best business practices.

Through this systematic approach of uncovering root causes of less-than-optimized work streams our clients have achieved a positive ROI performance.

Services Include:

starBusiness Process Management (BPM)

Optimizing business processes by minimizing inefficiencies and designing new blueprints for optimal performance. Employs systematic approach and continuous improvement techniques based on lean principles. Example: Applying lean principles to new functional area.

starHealthcare Reimbursement Optimization

Healthcare reimbursement experts track and interpret emerging healthcare reimbursement trends that may have negative implications for our client’s financial health. They are also skilled at performing reimbursement audits to identify which service lines are profitable or unprofitable while proposing new strategies to enhance reimbursements from government and private payers.

starOperations Consulting Expertise

Our 5 STAR Team has experience in successfully integrating work flows in a variety of medical organizations ranging from small practices to large health systems. We have streamlined solutions to activate new and existing patients and encourage ongoing adoption of advanced work flows within your organization across a range of treatment areas and care models.

starWorkforce Optimization

Our expert team understands hospital, ambulatory and practice operations and partner with clients to create nimble, responsive, competent and efficient staffing plans and processes.

starNew Service Line Planning

5 STAR BDM’s new product planning capabilities enable our clients to better understand market dynamics, areas of differentiation, and strategic tradeoffs to optimize a product’s profile and adoption.


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