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“My name is Josephine A Amoah. I am an Author, RN, Nurse Coach and Mentor and also an Infection Prevention and Control Nurse.

I enjoyed listening to your podcast this afternoon. It felt like you were speaking to me directly.
I’ve been looking for this type of clarity for a while now, in terms of building my brand the right way.
Thank you for sharing your experience.”

About the podcast

Follow The Brand podcast host Grant McGaugh visits with top executives and entrepreneurs to find out their secrets of success with their personal brand. A information technology sales professional turned personal brand expert Grant tells his story of his own transformation in the first episode airing on June 1st. He became obsessed with personal branding during his time as president of the local NAHSE Florida Chapter in 2018 and grew his reach from 13 followers to over 10,000! The story brings a sense of intrigue and opportunity to his audience. Through this podcast episode with Grant, he weaves a story about a man on the edge of new possibilities while under great pressure to exceed career expectations. If you love storytelling, this podcast will make for a fun experience

“Follow The Brand” Podcast Hosted by 5 STAR BDM CEO Grant McGaugh

With Over 10,0000 Downloads, my show focuses on personal brand development, career and business development, financial empowerment, and technology innovation, more specifically, how you can learn to:

1) Systemize/Collate Your Story
2) Create Your Personal Story
3) Own Your Story (I.e., walk in your truth)
4) Use your brand to build better relationships, and bring value to your business, relationships, and career!

Each episode will help us shape a conversation in the 5 STAR BDM network of 20000 professionals and become a springboard for your corporate engagement and business opportunities.

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About your Host

Grant is a veteran information technology (IT) sales professional with over 20 years of experience and loves connecting with people with similar interests. “The social media  boom of the 2000’s intrigued me to get involved with personal branding,” says Grant.

Grant McGaugh explains that he is the CEO and owner of his own professional career. He is an accomplished business leader and entrepreneur who wants to give back to individuals to grow their personal brand strategy.

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    From our Offices in Miami Lakes, Florida, 5 STAR BDM provides business development and personal branding for small to mid-size companies. Grant McGaugh, managing director of 5 STAR BDM, has helped a number of professionals and organizations optimize and grow their revenues by providing business management and personal brand development, both locally and nationally to a broad spectrum of business clients and is a requested speaker on digital technology and brand development issues.

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