Season 2 Episode 12: What is your Blueprint for Success? featuring Aliya Aaron CEO of NIHUB – 5 STAR BDM LLC

Season 2 Episode 12: What is your Blueprint for Success? featuring Aliya Aaron CEO of NIHUB

Season 2 Episode 12: What is your Blueprint for Success? featuring Aliya Aaron CEO of NIHUB

Happy Holidays and Welcome to the Follow the Brand Podcast Show. I am your host, Grant McGaugh, and I have the pleasure of bringing an exciting guest to the podcast. Aliya Aaron is an accomplished healthcare professional and entrepreneur. As the CEO of Nursing Innovation Hub, she is helping aspiring businesses to achieve their goals of success by offering a series of accelerators, incubators, and boot camps.

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From ideation to meaningful product creation, her team of experts will help you deliver an investor pitch, raise startup capital and properly structure your business for tax, accounting, and legal implications.
Aliya Aaron featured in CIO Review, Women in Tech Review, Med Tech Outlook, Legacy Magazine, Today’s Purpose Woman, Journal of Nursing Informatics, and International Archives of Nursing and Health Care. Honors also include South Florida Top Black Healthcare Professionals 2019. The founder and Executive Director of Nursing Innovation Hub, Inc., a nurse-led healthcare technology business accelerator established in 2019 to support entrepreneurs and aspiring innovators building for the future of health.

Aliya is also Principal of AMR Healthcare Consulting, LLC, a technology firm delivering innovative healthcare IT solutions to hospitals and physician practices since 2010.

Before founding AMR, Aliya served as a clinical strategist and nurse informaticist for prominent software vendors, where she developed and implemented electronic healthcare record systems and solutions for healthcare organizations.
Aliya also served as a nurse researcher for John Hopkins University and National Institutes of Health and a Healthcare IT Consultant for the VHA Chief Health Informatics Officer, supporting the clinical and business information system of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

As a critical care registered nurse leader, nurse informaticist, researcher, and entrepreneur, Aliya has over 20 years of healthcare technology industry experience advising organizations and investing in digital health startups.
Let’s welcome Aliya to the Follow The Brand Podcast Where we are building a 5 STAR Brand that You can follow.

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