Season 4 Episode 4: One to Many Featuring Graham Brown Award Winning Corporate Podcasts and Podcast Guesting Specialist – 5 STAR BDM LLC

Season 4 Episode 4: One to Many Featuring Graham Brown Award Winning Corporate Podcasts and Podcast Guesting Specialist

Season 4 Episode 4: One to Many  Featuring Graham Brown Award Winning Corporate Podcasts and Podcast Guesting Specialist

When you are an entrepreneur, you are driven by the challenge and intrigue of the business journey. Your reward is the excitement you gain from a genuine feeling of adventure. Graham Brown says his journey started in telecom and communications which lead him to become one of the world’s most recognized podcasters.

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Brown started podcasting as a hobby to reach out to entrepreneurial nomads like himself which lead him to South East Asia to meet Billionaire Tony Fernandez of Air Asia to build a podcast asset to leverage the human connection.

Graham believes leadership is Storytelling. Graham helps Corporate Leaders find their authentic voice through creating their own podcasts and speaking on other creative podcasts. Graham has hosted, guested on, and produced over 2,000 podcast episodes since 2014.
A graduate of Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Psychology (Sussex University) and Entrepreneurship (Harvard Business School), Brown is the founder of Pitch Media Asia – Asia’s largest Podcast Media House and he is best known for being the Show Host of Asia Tech Podcast, The Podcast Show and Pitch deck Asia shows spanning 500 episodes across 15 Asian Markets. He is also a published author and has penned books such as “Brand Love: How to Build a Brand Worth Talking About” and “The Mobile Youth: Voices of the Mobile Generation”.

Graham is also the founder of Pikkal & Co – Award-Winning Podcast Agency – an AI-Powered, Data-Driven B2B Podcast Agency in Singapore. He is a published author on the subject of The Digital Transformation of Communication, works including “The Human Communication Playbook”, “The Mobile Youth: Voices of the Connected Generation” – documenting the rise of mobile culture in the early 2000s in Japan, China, Africa and India and “Brand Love – How to Build a Brand Worth Talking About”. Brown shares lessons learned from helping some of the world’s leading organizations (McKinsey, UTI, Julius Baer, UBS, and the Singapore Government find their voice with podcasts

As an entrepreneur, Brown founded mobile youth in 2000, the world’s first youth-focused telecoms company, and built it into a multi-national company spanning 45 countries. He has appeared on CNN, CNBC, BBC TV, Financial Times, The Guardian, and Wall Street Journal. A prolific public speaker, he has spoken on topics ranging from Marketing Innovation to Early-stage Startup Investment. Throughout his exciting career, he has helped shape the marketing strategy of clients such as UNICEF, MTV, The European Commission, Disney, and Monster Energy Drinks, and even participated in the rollout of the world’s first consumer mobile internet services (NTT DoCoMo’s iMode) in Japan during the 1990s.
A student of the world, Brown has lived in countries such as New Zealand, the UK, Spain, Japan, and Singapore and speaks fluent Japanese, Spanish and English.

Let’s welcome Graham Brown to the Follow The Brand podcast where we are building a 5 STAR Brand That You Can Follow!

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