Season 3 Episode 9: Beyond Your Digital Front Door with Chanan Averbuch EVP of PrimeView Americas – 5 STAR BDM LLC

Season 3 Episode 9: Beyond Your Digital Front Door with Chanan Averbuch EVP of PrimeView Americas

Season 3 Episode 9: Beyond Your Digital Front Door with Chanan Averbuch EVP of PrimeView Americas

Beyond Your Digital Front door with Chana Averbuch EVP of Primeview Americas
Space in a healthcare facility is often very sterile, unimaginative, and does little to change the experience of the guest or patient. Chanan Averbuch of PrimeView America is set out to change that.

Welcome to your number one podcast station. I am your host, Grant McGaugh, and this is the Follow The Brand Podcast where we are building a 5 STAR Brand That You Can Follow.

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Chanan challenges the healthcare industry to create the right distractions that bring your space alive with a dynamic digital presence. Suppose your goal is to make people feel unique and memorable when they are in your facility for competitive advantage. Then why not invest in a technology in which your brand extends beyond the walls of your facility. Chanan’s team will help you stay connected with your patients even after they check out by utilizing innovative ideas and immersive digital technologies.
Chanan is the EVP of Primeview Americas, a specialized visualization company focused on engineering and manufacturing premium display technology. The company’s solutions can be found in board rooms, museums, casinos, retail stores, hospitals, hotels, broadcast studios, houses of worship, universities, control rooms, and properties around the globe.

His achievements at Primeview include:
• ESPN Sports Center DC2 Studios
• ABC, CBS & Hearst nationwide broadcast studios
• Northwestern University Athletic Center
• Duracell HQ Innovation Center
• HP Aruba Customer Experience Center
• Ernst + Young Accounting Innovation Centers
• NASA DC Command Centers

Before devoting his work full-time at Primeview Americas, Chanan served as a Business Manager and Acquisition Analyst for a family office investment company. Before that, he ran the visual merchandising for a $100m global manufacturer and served as a financial analyst for Starz Entertainment group.
For nearly a decade, Chanan has been in many industry publications providing editorial information on the evolution of the display industry, Audio/Visual marketplace, and Virtual Reality forums.
In addition to fathering with his wife Shirra, two girls (ten and four years old) and three boys (eight years old, six years old, and now four months old), Chanan is an active member of his South Florida community and non-for-profits.
His hobbies include cycling, weightlifting, boxing, tennis, football, basketball, and he enjoys the great outdoors.
Let’s welcome Chanan Averbuch to the Follow The Brand Podcast!

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