Season 3 Episode 3: Live Life with More Soul featuring Greg Monaco Brand & Story Coach – 5 STAR BDM LLC

Season 3 Episode 3: Live Life with More Soul featuring Greg Monaco Brand & Story Coach

Season 3 Episode 3: Live Life with More Soul featuring Greg Monaco Brand & Story Coach

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Follow the Brand Podcast. I am your host, Grant McGaugh, and I would like to share a question from one of our listeners. Why personalize your brand for career development?

I will let my guest Greg Monaco answer that question. In this episode, He asks whether you relate to your job from a perspective of personal mission with a clear goal to solve a problem for others.

You get excited by your ideas by telling your story as an individual. A personal brand lives with you forever and is powered by the source of your idea, the truth of who you are.

Get in touch with your power source, lead with your truth and captivate others with your story when you are fueled by your passion and the dramatic episodes in your own life.

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Greg Monaco is a Brand & Story Coach who sees himself as a lone wolf, an independent thinker, a unique creator. He has run his own business for the past 20 years as an entrepreneur, brand strategist, and writer and helps big thinkers go bigger.
As a Brand and Story Coach, he helps people tell magnetic stories so they attract the work they love. He works with authors, entrepreneurs, executives, and artists to refine their voices, build their presence, and attract dream opportunities.
Through his online network, Fearless Brands, he is helping people in their pursuit of getting paid to do the work they love. If we do the work we love, we have more love to give.

Previously, he was a Founding Partner of Monaco Lange, an independent global brand consultancy, and was a Senior Copywriter at Ogilvy, helping tell stories for clients like Girl Scouts of the USA, American Express, AT&T Wireless, SAP, and IBM, to name a few.
You can see his ideas on, Advertising Age, and Human Resources Executive. He also hosts branding and storytelling courses and workshops. Beyond branding, He has also enjoyed many pursuits as an architectural photographer, professional soccer player, and filmmaker. He lives in Connecticut with his wife, Jill, and his three children Aidan, Cameron, and Kylie.
Let’s Welcome Greg Monaco to the Follow The Brand Podcast, where we are building a 5 STAR Brand that you Can Follow!

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