Season 3 Episode 11: The Pitch Man’s Pitch Man – Peter Hopwood – Hopwood Speaker Coaching – 5 STAR BDM LLC

Season 3 Episode 11: The Pitch Man’s Pitch Man – Peter Hopwood – Hopwood Speaker Coaching

Season 3 Episode 11: The Pitch Man’s Pitch Man  – Peter Hopwood – Hopwood Speaker Coaching

Good Stories can be unpredictable which keeps people listening. Emotion and intrigue are what good stories are all about. When a story is predictable we normally turn off but a good unpredictable story attracts our complete attention.

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When interacting in the virtual world you can make subtle changes in tone, movement, and content to enhance engagement and trust from your audience. Passion and enthusiasm will allow your audience to lock in memorable experiences for maximum impact.

British-born Peter Hopwood travels the globe (physically & virtually) supporting executives, leaders, founders, and teams to craft and deliver engaging stories, increase their leadership presence and persuasive connection – with impact.

Peter’s coaching skills strengthen CEOs, leaders, and TEDx speakers’ storytelling skills and presence on stage or virtually. His professional range covers from Brand stories, CEO conference talks, to virtual selling techniques.
Peter’s 15-year experience helps bring more value – every time you speak.
With the extensive international experience of working alongside founders and global accelerators in Europe and the MENA region, Peter helps to transform and strengthen pitches that connect, engage, and get listeners to take action.

As a global corporate events MC, hosting 500+ events, Peter shapes some of the strongest tech stages on the planet, including MWC Europe / Asia / US, GITEX Dubai, and JEC World – more recently involved in challenging demanding hybrid projects creating engaging & intriguing worldwide virtual experiences.
Peter Hopwood is also the Chair of the Communication Committee of The World Innovation and Change Management Institute (WICMI), Peter has also worked in 41 countries (physically) and lived in 7 – now based in Split. Croatia.

Let’s welcome Peter Hopwood to the Follow The Brand podcast where we are building a 5-star brand that you can follow!

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