Season 1 Recap: The Ethos of Success Featuring Daniela Gilet Early Careerist and Entrepreneur – 5 STAR BDM LLC

Season 1 Recap: The Ethos of Success Featuring Daniela Gilet Early Careerist and Entrepreneur

Season 1 Recap: The Ethos of Success Featuring Daniela Gilet Early Careerist and Entrepreneur

Welcome to the Follow The Brand Podcast recap of Season 1. I am your Host, Grant McGaugh.

In Season 1 we introduced you to the concepts of personal branding in a different way in which you gain a point of view from our various guests on how they leverage their brand for career success. I want to challenge you to get out of your way and find your voice.

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Today I will introduce you to my behind-the-scenes producer Daniela Gilet as she and I review the myriad stories of Season 1 that spells out a platform for your success with your brand.

We are all worthy and capable of developing our brand by following key principles spelled out during the season through personal stories. Our goal is to share, empower, and educate which are the ethos of the success of the Follow The Brand Podcast.

Integrity, Honesty, and authenticity are the principles of our next guest

Daniela Gilet is a corporate recruiter turned data analytics enthusiast. She currently possesses over 5+

years of experience in HR/Recruitment practices and policies, and 3 years in working with both

structured and unstructured data in the healthcare industry. Daniela currently works as a Data Engineer

for a healthcare solutions organization where she is responsible for maintaining the data

transformation, data normalization, and data ingestion for provider risk scoring. Before joining to her

current organization, she worked as a Data Analyst under Quality Improvement for a managed care

organization where she was responsible for creating robust dashboards, and reports that were used to

track Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set(HEDlS) performance for contracted provider

groups in the health plan.

Her accomplishments:

Quality/HEDlS: Created a dynamic dashboard that leveraged membership data and procedure/diagnose

codes to track provider performance in closing HEDIS care gaps year over year. This tool was presented

and recognized by c-suite executives.

Conducted claims analysis to identify the impact of contracted vendor outreach efforts in closing care

gaps as it pertains to HEDIS.

Operations: Created a Service-Learning Agreement (SLA) tool to aid internal departments in identifying

resources (staff) that were out of scope for contractual obligations.

Daniela is also the Host of The Life & Business Trailblazer Podcast, formed in March 2018 to create an

intentional space around entrepreneurship, and lifestyle management for creatives and working

professionals. Daniela is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Public Health (DrPH in Health Education)

where she is preparing to become a Chief Data Officer who will utilize her experience and data analysis

to help drive insight and public health decisions around Social Determinants of Health in underserved


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