Season 5 Episode 15: Narrowing the Numbers featuring Marcus Ford Financial Planner at Increase Financial – 5 STAR BDM LLC

Season 5 Episode 15: Narrowing the Numbers featuring Marcus Ford Financial Planner at Increase Financial

Season 5 Episode 15: Narrowing the Numbers featuring Marcus Ford Financial Planner at Increase Financial

How do you view wealth? Do you keep more of your money than you bring in? Giving financial advice is very specific and customized for the individual. Says Marcus Ford. Financial empowerment is understanding your vision. Ford knows where he is going, and everything has an intended purpose with intentional steps.

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If you are ok with earning a high income. Willing to help people, driven to succeed, and coachable, you will be a very successful financial professional. Excellence in service and purpose is Marcus’s Brand which leads to an enlightened culture with a defined “Why”

Marcus Ford anticipates and solves problems by helping people make smart decisions with money. He is a Thought Leader and Life Changer whose life has been dedicated to service. He began his career in the Finance Industry in Treasury Management, helping organizations manage their investments, operating cash, and debt. Success on this level meant the creation of opportunities in higher education for many deserving students in the Houston area.

After a successful tenure in Treasury Management instituting sound financial policies and procedures, HeI joined Increase Financial with a singular purpose in mind, to help people achieve their highest potential by building strong financial plans that free them to focus on what is important without having to worry about what will happen if things go wrong.

Marcus Ford prides himself on being a solution builder and problem solver. From an early age, Marcus was driven to excellence by his parents, and educators in the public school system for over thirty years. He used this drive to achieve his childhood dream of playing college football for Florida State University while earning a double major in Accounting and Finance. Using his skill in Treasury Management in Higher Education, Marcus helped Texas Southern University create a Treasury Management Department to continue its mission to educate and equip African American students during low enrollment, low donor contributions, and a high debt burden. Marcus enjoys helping people and businesses achieve excellence in their finances to maximize their purpose.

Let us Welcome Marcus Ford to the Follow the Brand podcast where we are building a 5 STAR Brand that you will follow!

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