Episode 6: The Dynamics of Personal Branding featuring Naresh Samlal – 5 STAR BDM LLC

Episode 6: The Dynamics of Personal Branding featuring Naresh Samlal

Episode 6: The Dynamics of Personal Branding featuring Naresh Samlal

In this episode Naresh Samlal and I frame a conversation on the intentionality of personal branding for career and business management.

Click The Dynamics of Personal Branding featuring Naresh Samlal.

Key Talking Points:
How to develop your SMART goals
Reward people be their best self
Define your passion in its purest form
Realized a new muscle for your personal brand

Naresh Samlal is an IT Executive at VITAS Healthcare. Naresh has held several leadership roles in various organizations throughout South Florida. He has accumulated a diverse background in technologies, cultures and methodologies as a result of experience within industries such as Airline, Pharmaceuticals, Corporate Real Estate, Higher Education, Healthcare, etc. Naresh is a lifelong entrepreneur, having built numerous businesses in various industries. Naresh is the founder of The Spark Company which is dedicated to motivating and coaching individuals to breaking through mental ceilings, in order to realize their potential. Naresh has concurrent business ventures that he draws from to share on the podcast, as well as coaching and mentoring sessions.

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