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Dont Mistake Execution for Strategy

Dont mistake execution for strategy! When the difference between strategy and execution is not well understood, leaders can invest their time and energy in the wrong places. I have found myself many times focused on the how instead of the why and the what of my business objective. At 5 STAR BDM our team of experts gives executives clear, actionable advice on how to close the gap between strategy and execution.…/hbr-the-gap-between…/

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From our Offices in Miami Lakes, Florida, 5 STAR BDM provides business development and personal branding for small to mid-size companies. Grant McGaugh, managing director of 5 STAR BDM, has helped a number of professionals and organizations optimize and grow their revenues by providing business management and personal brand development, both locally and nationally to a broad spectrum of business clients and is a requested speaker on digital technology and brand development issues.

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