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5 STAR BDM Partners with MDK Brand Management

Take Control of Your Next: Advancing Your Career Through Pandemic, Protests, and Other Impacts is a live webinar being hosted by brand strategist and career coach Denise Kaigler on Thursday Oct 15th at 11:30am EST. To sign up for this webinar, being presented by 5 STAR BDM a Business Development & Brand Strategist company, visit www.bit.ly/controlyournext

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From our Offices in Miami Lakes, Florida, 5 STAR BDM provides business development and personal branding for small to mid-size companies. Grant McGaugh, managing director of 5 STAR BDM, has helped a number of professionals and organizations optimize and grow their revenues by providing business management and personal brand development, both locally and nationally to a broad spectrum of business clients and is a requested speaker on digital technology and brand development issues.

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