Episode 12: How Relationship Building helps achieve Career Success with Anthony Ashby VP and COO of CHI

Grant McGaugh . Episode 12 . 43:54

Episode transcript:

With so many people and businesses looking for work, having a solid personal brand has become necessary. A great brand is not about touting features and benefits. It’s about the connection on an emotional level. It’s about telling your story and building relationships.

Anthony Ashby understood this early in his career as he detailed his journey from healthcare consultant to the C Suite BY Understanding his WHY? 

I am fortunate to be able to serve on several local boards and committees. I am also the founding President of a new Regional Chapter of the National Association of Health Service Executives (NAHSE), NAHSE Heartland, aimed at developing and advancing black health care leaders in improving health equity in the black community.

My ultimate goal for the future is to lead a healthcare system to reduce the cost of healthcare, ensure the quality of care is equitable across all populations, and increase the minority representation in healthcare leadership.

Episode timeline

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:00 Exploring the topic
  • 00:00 A word from our guest
  • 00:00 Closing remarks

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