Episode 7: Developing Your Personal Story- Featuring Best Selling Author Angela Golden Bryan

Grant McGaugh . Episode 7 . 46:04

Episode transcript:

Developing a deeper understanding of yourself through personal branding is a journey through time and experience. In this episode ,Angela Golden Bryan tells her story and illustrates how she achieved greater clarity through personalized learning.
Angela Golden Bryan grew up on the island of St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands and listened in fascination to stories about Anansi the mischievous spider and tales of the scary goat-foot woman. She was amazed by stories about her great-great-grandmother, Moriah, who was a participant in the Fireburn, a bloody Labor Revolt of 1878, on the island of St. Croix. Angela’s love for storytelling translates into her being an award winning writer, speaker, actor and now producer.
Angela wrote Fireburn the Screenplay, a historical fiction based on the Fireburn and it became an Amazon bestseller in June 2019. The attention this book received inspired Angela to publish “James and the Fireburn,” an anti-bullying children’s book using the Fireburn as a backdrop. Her children’s book correlates bullying with the behaviors of the plantation owners who abused the Laborers and encourages children to break the silence of bullying and it won an award with Book Authority as one of the Caribbean history books of all time.
Angela is the Executive Producer of the award-winning “Fireburn The Documentary”, which is being shown in film festivals globally. Filmed on the island of St. Croix, it is designed as a tool for cultural preservation, education, and entertainment and examines the history behind the Fireburn. Cultural preservationists, storytellers, historians and artists share their knowledge of the event in order for audiences to gain a well- rounded view of the Fireburn

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