SO7 Brand Masters Episode 17: In the Mind of a Celebrity CEO: Niche Domination with Ramon Ray

Grant McGaugh . 17 . 36:10

Ever wish you could command attention and respect in your professional niche like a Celebrity CEO? This wish could soon turn into reality as we chat with renowned entrepreneur and thought leader, Ramon Ray. Having built and sold five businesses, and hosted ‘Breakfast with Champions’, Ramon’s invaluable advice on how to date your leads and marry your customers, is something every aspirant or established entrepreneur should tune into.

Wondering how to make LinkedIn work for your brand? Ramon’s got you covered there too. After attending a corporate 500 course, he has mastered the LinkedIn game. Our candid conversation with him reveals how to present oneself professionally, use the story feature effectively, and tailor content to your audience. The importance of having a solid plan to navigate unexpected events is also discussed, a handy tip for the tumultuous world of entrepreneurship.

But it doesn’t end there. Ramon’s humbling experience at a speaking event, where a Colombian attendee asked for his autograph, teaches us the power of consistency in personal branding. Listen in as we, together with Ramon, address the pitfalls of trying to go ‘viral’ and the significance of sharing the love. His three-fold approach to personal branding, focusing on visibility, profit, and energy-filled events, promises to be a treasure trove of insights. Join us for this enlightening conversation and glean valuable lessons from Ramon’s inspiring journey.

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