So6 Executive Presence EP 27: Navigating the Heartbeat of Change, with Patrick L Green CEO UF Health Jacksonville

Grant McGaugh . 27 . 32:25

Discover the transformative power of servant leadership in healthcare as Patrick Green, CEO of UF Health Jacksonville, joins me, Grant McGaugh, to share insights that could reshape your understanding of what it means to lead. Listen as Patrick divulges the pivotal moments that fueled his passion for healthcare and service to vulnerable communities, and learn how he embeds empathy and innovation into the fabric of his organization. This episode promises an enlightening blend of personal anecdotes and professional wisdom, revealing the ethos that drives UF Health Jacksonville’s growth and the human touch that remains essential in the world of health.

Delving into the heart of healthcare, Patrick and I discuss the critical role of mentorship and career development with a nod to the National Association of Health Service Executives. As UF Health Jacksonville soars with new technological frontiers and expansion projects, we examine the balance between cutting-edge innovation and the timeless value of compassionate care. Whether you’re an aspiring healthcare executive or intrigued by the evolving dynamics of medical leadership, this conversation offers a riveting look into the challenges and triumphs of steering a major healthcare institution toward excellence.

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