SO5 Technology Innovation: EP 23 Rewiring Healthcare with Humanity and Innovation with Leon Mink & Grant

Grant McGaugh . 23 . 34:56

Ever wondered about the incredible intersection of technology and human interaction in healthcare? Prepare to be enlightened as we sit down with Leon Mead, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Community Care Plan. He unpacks his transformative journey marked by significant milestones and an unyielding pursuit of growth and empathy, all of which have uniquely shaped his approach to Healthcare IT. Not stopping there, Leon delves deep into the world of artificial intelligence, showing us just how it can amplify the human touch in healthcare services.

We’ve heard it said that teamwork makes the dream work, but how does this apply to healthcare and IT? Leon has the answers! From discussing the value of the right team member to showcasing Community Care Plan’s groundbreaking solutions — including a global address book and an in-house texting platform — Leon leaves nothing out. We also explore the crucial role of cybersecurity in safeguarding customer information. So, get ready for an illuminating conversation with one of the field’s visionary leaders and embark on this remarkable exploration of healthcare IT.

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