SO5- Episode 17 Technology Innovation: Bridging the Divide – Digital Transformation, Community Empowerment & Global Impact Damon House The ClayHouse Group

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In this enlightening and inspiring video, we delve into the journey of Damon House, a leader who stands at the intersection of technology, innovation, and societal change. Growing up in New York City as the son of two farming families, Damon’s unique perspective fueled his dedication to empowering communities and driving digital transformation.

From his role as a Strategist (Thinker), Deployment Director (Doer), to Community Engagement Manager (Communicator), Damon has consistently demonstrated the ability to catalyze change and foster growth. Whether it’s consulting with C-Suite executives or speaking at the United Nations, his dedication to bridging gaps and promoting economic development in underserved communities remains constant.

Join us as we navigate Damon’s remarkable career, tireless community development efforts, and impressive achievements, including his recent role as a Senior Business Program Manager for Microsoft’s Global Consulting Services division and winning Microsoft’s US Public Sector Heroes Award in 2021.

Discover the transformative power of technology, innovation, and community engagement through the lens of Damon House.

Key Insights:

Damon House grew up understanding disparate challenges different communities face, sparking his lifelong dedication to fostering equality and growth.
As a Strategist, Deployment Director, and Community Engagement Manager, Damon has a unique range of expertise that allows him to work with high-level executives and grassroots communities effectively.

Damon’s career at Microsoft’s Global Consulting Services division has enabled him to guide digital transformation for Healthcare and Education sectors, supporting over $500M USD in consulting sales.

Passionate about community development, Damon has developed impactful programs for communities of color in the US, the Caribbean, and Africa.
Awarded Microsoft’s US Public Sector Heroes Award in 2021, Damon’s exceptional community engagement has been recognized at the highest level.

Damon’s work sits at the intersection of education, innovation, technology, industry, and entrepreneurship, making him a pivotal figure in helping underrepresented and underserved communities achieve more.
His track record in bringing together Federal, Corporate, and NGO Partners showcases his capability to engage in advocacy, policy, and transformational opportunities in underrepresented communities.

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