So2 Career Development EP 20: Elevate Your Game: Alan Stein Jr. on Discipline, Hard Work, and the Pursuit of Success

Grant McGaugh . 20 . 38:16

When discipline and the unseen hours of hard work intersect, the pathway to success becomes clearer. That’s the journey we embark upon with the renowned Alan Stein Jr., a virtuoso of motivation who has transitioned from optimizing basketball performance to captivating audiences worldwide. This episode is a treasure trove of insights as we dissect the disciplines that catapult elite athletes to the top, and how these principles can be mirrored in our personal and professional lives. Alan’s narrative from a coach to a speaker unfolds, underscoring the essence of emotional intelligence and situational awareness in achieving peak performance.

Ever wondered what it takes to pivot careers and still maintain a trajectory of success? We peel back the curtain on the ‘unseen hours’—those dedicated moments of relentless practice and preparation that most never witness. My own evolution from basketball trainer to motivational speaker serves as a testament to the power of aligning passion with purpose, and the profound impact of service to others. We tackle the hurdles that come with self-awareness and how embracing coaching can guide us through the complexities of professional growth. It’s a candid look at recognizing our blind spots and the humility required to overcome them.

Finally, we reflect on the indelible mark a single speaker can have, drawing inspiration from my personal turning point under Walter Bond’s influence. From being an attendee to envisaging sharing the stage with him, we explore the potential ripple effect we can have on others. Learn how his books, “Raise Your Game” and “Sustain Your Game,” aim to encapsulate and impart these game-changing strategies. If you’re seeking to amplify your performance and be stirred by the power of discipline, hard work, and mentorship, this conversation with Alan Stein Jr. is your playbook to success.

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