Season 7 Episode 9 Brand Masters: Building a Future-Proof Personal Brand with Petra Zink: From Expertise to Trusted Authority

Grant McGaugh . 09 . 43:30

Welcome to the Follow The Brand Podcast, where we help you build a 5 STAR brand that people will follow. In this episode, we’ll discuss how executives can communicate their capabilities and monetize their skillset with Petra Zink, a certified personal branding and digital strategist, international speaker, coach, consultant, and author. Petra founded impaCCCt, a company dedicated to helping experts turn their expertise into a powerful, profitable authority brand.

Petra has developed the “Trusted Authority” framework, which helps individuals and executives establish their influence beyond their title, becoming known, respected, and trusted authorities in their industry. Her coaching and consulting programs, keynotes, podcasts, and books provide expert guidance to build future-proof capabilities.

We’ll be diving into Petra’s approach to career leadership development and success in the era of AI, where we must rebuild our brand around the social capital we can build. Petra is a direct, no-nonsense coach focused on getting results and a curator of thoughts. She believes in identifying who you are and knowing why you want to be that persona in the world. Her style is in thought and change leadership, and she believes the only investment that guarantees a return is an investment in yourself.

Join us as we learn from Petra’s expertise on how to monetize our skills, clarify our transformational offerings, and rebuild our brand for success in the era of AI on the Follow The Brand Podcast Where we are building a 5 STAR Brand That You Can Follow!

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