Season 7 Episode 7 Brand Masters: You Are A Brand featuring Nick Nelson, Founder & CEO of BRANDPRENUER.

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Personal Brand Expert Nick Nelson specializes in helping define, develop, and deliver your personal brand online. Through professional images, he elevates your profile through imagery presenting the most polished version of you digitally.  Nelson, who has worked in entertainment marketing with brands such as Tyler Perry, Disney, and Warner Brothers, created his own personal brand business to make a difference in the lives of others. 

Brandprenuer is a movement he created in 2017 and has helped thousands of people improve their influence.  “People buy with their eyes before they spend their wallets.” Says Nick. 

Your image is everything. Learn to talk about what you are an expert in to make a difference in your brand identity. Sharing and engaging on social media platforms like LinkedIn is an excellent opportunity for you to be seen.  People buy into people before they buy into brands. It is the people that define the brand experience for your employer or your own company.  

You must be interesting and have insight, information, entertainment, and inspiration.  Do you want to be memorable? Do you want people interacting with you to feel good in your presence, whether online or in person?  Nick helps you to become an  aspiration to others and control your brand narrative

Nick Nelson is known as The Tony Stark of personal branding.

 Tony Stark is the superhero better known as Iron Man. He’s witty, great with his hands, a technical wizard, and unapologetic in following his beliefs, pursuing his passions, and dedicating his life to saving the world.
 Nick F. Nelson, better known as BRANDPRENUER®, is the name of his amazing agency. Like Tony, over the past two decades, he has amassed a particular set of skills as a consultant, creative, brand strategist, content creator, photographer, and storyteller. His team of fellow Avengers uses all of their Superpowers to help you.
 Deciding to step from the background into the spotlight can be scary, especially if it’s different from what you’ve done in the past or it’s just not your thing. So Nick has compiled a team of exceptional individuals to help you figure yourself out and remember You Are The Brand.
 Let Us Welcome Nick Nelson to the Follow The Brand Podcast where we are building a 5 STAR Brand That You Can Follow!

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