Season 7 Episode 5 Brand Masters: Sparkle and Shine featuring Carol Kaemmerer, Executive Branding Coach | Professional Speaker | Author

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Listen, Learn, and Communicate your Brand. Align your LinkedIn profile to how you appear and interact in person. Use your LinkedIn profile as your Digital Ambassador Says my Next guest Carol Kaemmerer.

She has a special affinity with displaced C-Suite executives by helping them learn and develop a brand that others recognize.  According to Carol, we must strive to be recognizable inside and outside our current job or business.  She advocates for keeping wisdom in the workplace with a strong focus on brand pillars. What are the three things you want to be known for? What are your differentiators?  What are your purpose, passion, and principles that you Lead with? Become your Own Brand Ambassador!

Carol Kaemmerer took what seemed like shockingly bad news and turned it into an amazing opportunity.  After a surprise downsizing in the Fortune 500 company she served as a consultant, Carol found that her 20 years of marketing communications experience provided the perfect set-up for helping professionals build their online brand. LinkedIn, she recognized, is an integral part of that brand-building. But many brilliant leaders cannot articulate their brand effectively on LinkedIn, which was a weak link in their online reputation. 

Since 2011, Carol has focused her communications expertise on helping C-suite executives and senior leaders use LinkedIn powerfully, creating positioning and messaging that reflects their business passion with authenticity. The American Reporter has recognized her as one of the “Top Six Professional Branding Experts  to Watch in 2022.” Her award-winning book, LinkedIn for the Savvy  Executive, was published in its Second Edition in 2021.  Carol is a professional member of the National Speakers  Association, Certified Virtual Presenter, Advisor to the C-Suite Network, Esteemed Faculty Member of the Women’s Coaching and  Consulting Council, and a member of LeadHERship Global.

 Let Us Welcome Carol Kaemmerer to the Follow The Brand Podcast Where We are building a 5 Star Brand that You can Follow!

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