Season 7 Episode 4 Brand Masters: An investment in Time & Self featuring Brenda Bence President Brenda Bence International

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What are the five words that define you? How do you combine Leadership and Branding into a tapestry of communication to build billion-dollar businesses?  To be a great brander, you must know the inner workings of people. Says my next guest, Brenda Bence. Bence is very clear on her goals and knows what success looks like, and works towards that.  

 Her Five Words are  Expert, Professional, Approachable, Engaging, and Humorous. She asks, “What are the self-limiting beliefs holding you back from being truly fulfilled in your work? 

Listen to this Brand Master episode and learn how stress impacts your brand.  Learn about The way people perceive, think, and feel about themselves and the outside world, and how to achieve a change in perception.  Leadership is foundational in how you are BEING, not Doing, says Brenda..  What you Focus on Grows. Do you focus on fear or the joy of Potentiality and Possibility? 

As a Certified Global Executive Leadership Coach, Brenda Bence works with leaders at the highest levels of major multinationals worldwide.  Known for inspiring long-lasting, positive changes in mindset and behavior, Brenda has coached over 1,000 executives from 60 nationalities and 70 industries. Recognized by Thinkers50 as a World Leader in Coaching, Brenda is also consistently ranked by GlobalGurus as a Top 10 Executive Coach and a Top 10 Branding Guru.

With an MBA from Harvard Business School, Brenda began her career building mega brands for companies like Procter & Gamble and Bristol-Myers Squibb, where she was a senior executive responsible for billion-dollar businesses across four continents and 50 countries.  Brenda then left the corporate world to start her global executive coaching and motivational speaking business. Today, she is trusted by many of the world’s most recognized companies. Given her experience as a Fortune 100 leader, Brenda brings to her coaching practice first-hand knowledge of the challenges top executives face in today’s rapidly changing and uncertain times.

A pioneer and thought leader in Leadership Branding, Brenda is also one of a handful of professional speakers worldwide who have earned the title of Global Certified Speaking Professional. The author of 11 award-winning coaching, leadership, and branding books, Brenda has also been featured in several hundred media outlets and publications worldwide. As a sought-after podcast guest, Brenda offers listeners fresh perspectives and new ways of reframing situations. 

Having lived outside her native homeland for 20+ years, Brenda has learned to approach life and career with a good dose of humor. She is an avid Mahjong player and has fuddled her way through trying to learn six foreign languages.

Let Us Welcome Brenda Bence to the Follow The Brand Podcast

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