Season 7 Episode 3 Brand Masters: Long Story Short, featuring Rob Levinson, Founder of Brand You Better and Principle of Leverage Advisors

Grant McGaugh . 03 . 42:24

 How do you view yourself?  How do others view you, and is there a disconnect?  These are the questions posed by my next guest Rob Levinson, a 35-year veteran in personal branding. 

  Rob says if your personal brand narrative is outdated and doesn’t help you, and it’s not true, then you need to get to your truth and tell your story with help from a personal brand coach.  Rob encourages alignment with recognized and innovative brands to change the perceptions of your brand. 

 You want to be perceived differently through a Brand Blueprint that includes a Brand voice, key messages, mission statement, vision statement, elevator pitch, and your personal brand tagline.

  Learn to Embrace a continuously evolving story of yourself in the digital world.  Tell an aspirational story of how you want people to perceive you.  What image are you putting forward, and what stage do you want to be on?  What do I want my audience to walk away with?  You can be the Master of your own Universe and Tell your own story.  Rob is an expert Brand Strategist who, for decades, has helped both emerging and established companies to evolve and grow exponentially. 

  Since 2002, as the principal of Leverage Advisors, Rob has created comprehensive Brand Blueprints for clients seeking the strategic guidance and powerful narrative required to inform and guide their company’s development or reimagining.  Industry agnostic, he has advised leading technology, consumer, professional services, and finance brands.

  Rob is also a Personal Brand Coach and Founder of Brand You Better. He helps individuals, from recent graduates to C-Suite executives in transition, develop powerful personal brand narratives that get them noticed, remembered, and results.

 The former Marketing Strategies columnist for the Wall Street Journal online, Rob graduated from Connecticut College and guest lectures at The Questrom School of Business at Boston University. 

  He has two grown daughters and lives in San Francisco.  

Let us Welcome Rob Levinson to the Follow The Brand Podcast, Where we are Building a 5 STAR BRand That You Can Follow!

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