Season 7 Episode 2 Brand Masters: Commercializing Your Personal Brand with Ease and Grace featuring Mary Henderson, Personal Branding & Online Business Specialist

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Are you showing up unapologetically as yourself in business and your personal life? Are you leading with wisdom, experience, and a systems approach for success in 2023? My next guest Mary Henderson has over 40000 hours of training and coaching expertise that she is willing to share with you!

She helps industry experts commercial their knowledge, wisdom, and skillsets into a business and a brand.   She looks not for influence but wisdom to engage with clients to be more believable, trustworthy, and outcomes driven.

She is a systems thinker who understands the core problem that your customer needs to solve. Known as a complex problem solver.   She teaches you to brand yourself natively in who you are in your natural state of being. The embodiment of you. Her teaching is based on the three-pronged approach of systemization, implementation, and embodiment.  She helps you to tap into your unseen potential on a day-to-day basis.  

Start with Implement and go on the journey of embodiment, The currency of self-awareness.  Don’t spend your whole life in the scarcity mindset of r the fix-it mindset. 

Mary is an internationally recognized Personal Branding & Digital Business Specialist.

Mary has 20+ years of experience building 7 & 8-figure businesses & building high-performance sales teams in the IT sector, and 15 years delivering online solutions for large and small businesses. She has been featured in many publications and is regarded as a thought leader in the Digital sector.

Mary’s point of difference is her Personal Branding technology, a SaaS Platform that has the ability to define a person’s brand essence with a precision that can be applied across all communication touchpoints. She is also the founder of Lights. Cameras. Action an end-to-end coaching program that delivers tangible outcomes.

When you engage Mary, you access 40,000+ hours of experience, knowledge, and wisdom in Personal Branding, client profiling, lead generation strategies, online course development, sales leadership, content development, and digital acumen.

Mary embraces technology and social media in a big way, and her followers are growing daily.

Mary is a heart-centered, compassionate, and tenacious entrepreneur who thrives on human transformation and witnessing people fulfill their dreams.

Let us Welcome Mary Henderson to the Follow The Brand Podcast where we are building a 5 STAR Brand that You Can Follow!

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