Season 7 Episode 1 Brand Masters: Building Brand Trust with Dr. Jerome Joseph The Chief Experience Officer

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Ranked #2 in the World! Authored over 8 Books! Over 25 years of experience! Worked with over 1000 brands in 36 countries! My next guest Dr. Jerome Joseph has the winning formula to help you with your personal brand!

Jerome Joseph, CSP s’ experience as CEO a publicly listed Brand Agency, has led him to work with some of the biggest Global Brands. including Dell, Standard Chartered, Pfizer, BASF, and many more). He is an award-winning global speaker on Branding and in 2018, was recognized as one of the TOP 30 GLOBAL GURUS worldwide for Branding. He is the only Asian based in Asia on the list. He was ranked No. 2 as a Global Brand Thought Leader in 2020

Dr. Joseph talks about creating strategic communications with certainty to drive the customer experience. He builds his brand message on four key pillars of Clarity, Credibility, Consistency, and Connection!   He has a clear focus on storytelling that ties in key points to involve his audience with high emotion to build brand trust.

Dr. Jerome Joseph is a brand experience strategist, brand coach, and best-selling author. His experience with world-acclaimed brands has led him to become one of the early pioneers of internal branding – an employee and company culture-focused approach to branding as well as driving brand across people, customers, and organizations. With more than twenty years of branding experience under his belt, Jerome is a master in innovative brand differentiation and creating extraordinary branded experiences. Jerome runs programs and keynotes ranging from Internal Branding (Building Brand Champions in your organization), Brand Mastery (Strategies to Build a World Class Brand), Branded Customer Experience, Personal Branding, and Asian Brand Strategies based on Lessons from the top 30 Asian Brands.

Dr. Jerome has impacted more than 1000 brands in over 36 countries, such as Pfizer, Dell, BASF, SENAAT, Prudential, AIA, Singapore Sports Council, QIAGEN, SAP, Asia Pacific Breweries, Singtel, Master Builder Solutions, Petronas, Honeywell, DBS and many more.

His cutting-edge thinking, solid case studies, and systematic approach to brand building have enthralled audiences all around the world, making each of his programs a truly memorable one. His love for story-telling and talent for distilling experiences into succinct, bite-sized lessons has garnered rave reviews from clients.

Dr. Jerome holds the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, which is held by the top 12% of speakers in the world as an award for speaking expertise. He was awarded the prestigious Global Speaking Fellow in 2015 as the 2nd Singaporean to earn this award and the 30th speaker in the world to achieve this. Currently, less than 1% of speakers globally hold this designation. He also holds the Practicing Management Consultant (PMC) designation awarded to experienced industry veterans in consulting.

Let us Welcome Dr. Jerome Joseph to the Follow The Brand Podcast, Where we are Building a 5 STAR Brand That You Can Follow!

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