Season 6 Executive Presence Episode 15: Best Foot Forward featuring Andre Reid, SVP Audit and Compliance at Jackson Health System

Grant McGaugh . S6E15 . 44:48

Build confidence through experience, get comfortable, and ask questions to expand your exposure with senior leaders, says my next guest Andre Reid of Jackson Health System.

Reid deploys an innovative and progressive thinking mindset that is solution oriented. He focuses on processes, policies, and procedures as a Senior Audit and Compliance Officer. He encourages others on his team through desire and drive and understands that the biggest asset in the world is our people.

The best gift you can give another individual is education. You can grow your network and resources to access opportunities through education.  

Andre Reid is a Diplomatic professional with over 15 years of assurance and advisory experience. Demonstrates effectiveness as a leader and working in a team environment. Experienced in grasping the big picture and incorporating strategic initiatives in the audit plan from a risk base perspective. 

Experienced in Enterprise Risk Management (“ERM”) and Continuous Monitoring/Assurance development to help align organizational goals and initiative with risk identification and management. With an ability to communicate in an effective/assertive manner to all levels of management as well as executive management. 

More than 5 years of international work experience, including in Europe, North America, Mexico, and Central/South America. Proven track record in managing a variety of audit assignments and experience with assessing compliance with the Sarbanes Oxley Act.. Effectively using data analysis techniques to provide population systemic value and exploring Robotic Process Automation (“RPA”) within the internal audit function to provide management with advisory efficiencies for routine challenging business processes.

Demonstrated expertise in designing comprehensive risk-based audit and compliance programs that address an organization’s risk impact associated with strategic objectives and initiatives. 

Reid earned his undergraduate degree at Florida State University in business and his MBA at the University of Miami School of Business in Healthcare policy.

Let us welcome Andre Reid to the Follow the Brand Podcast, Where we are building  a 5 STAR Brand that You Can FOLLOW!

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