Season 6 Executive Presence Episode 12: A CIO Story featuring Michael Garcia, Vice-President & Chief Information Officer at Jackson Health System

Grant McGaugh . S6E12 . 49:05

Dedicated DJ Programmer and Coder becomes the longest-tenured CIO at Jackson Health System, defined by preparation and planning.  My next guest Michael Garcia was challenged to learn medical terminology and the medical workflows early in his career to save lives.  Since then, he has demonstrated the foresight to implement telehealth, predictive analytics, and AI/ML tools over his 17-year career.  

Garcia has learned to communicate the why behind decisions to his entire staff to ensure employee adoption of new policies to build strong relationships.

Michael A. Garcia is the vice president and chief information officer of Jackson Health System, one of the largest public health systems in the United States.
 Before being named the chief information officer in 2012, Mr. Garcia was the corporate director of information services for Jackson Health System and previously worked at the University of Miami Miller School Of Medicine.

 Mr. Garcia is a strategic, innovative thinker whose vision brings a unique blend of healthcare knowledge, information technology, and business acumen. He has over 20 years of experience working with large complex healthcare organizations specializing in IT healthcare informatics, diagnostic imaging, health information management, and revenue cycle management.

 He is well-versed in establishing governance, policies, and platforms for technology to facilitate collaboration between the business side of operations and the technical side. He has a proven record in successfully executing enterprise-wide clinical and financial information systems implementations.

 In addition to holding numerous professional and technical certifications, Mr. Garcia received his undergraduate and Master of Science in Management Information Systems degrees from Florida International University‚Äôs Chapman School of Business.

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