Season 6 Executive Presence EP 26 : A Journey of Resilience and Innovation with Dr. Curtis Charles Dean/Director of Academic Affairs UWI

Grant McGaugh . S6E26 . 52:56

Ever wondered how artificial intelligence can revolutionize the education system? Dive into a captivating conversation with the brilliant Dr. Curtis Charles of the University of West Indies, where we journey through his inspiring life story and explore his insights on the profound impact of AI on education. Dr. Charles, with his unwavering resilience and faith, reminds us how we can convert life’s setbacks into stepping stones of success. 

We journey from his humble beginnings, where he embraced the transformative power of education and embarked on a journey to the US for higher studies. Ever imagined passing a calculus class in six months? Hear Dr. Charles’s compelling story of overcoming odds, with a potent mix of God’s plan and his brother’s help, that led him to ace a calculus class in just half a year. We plunge into lively discussions on the Fourth and Fifth Industrial Revolutions, the role of data science, and machine learning in reshaping fields like Generative Pharmacy.

Finally, we delve into the heart of the matter – the vital role of our loved ones in shaping our journeys and successes. Reflect with us on the importance of the pillars of our personal lives. Tune in for this enlightening conversation that promises to feed your curiosity about the future of education, the influence of technology, and the power of resilience and innovation. Join us and get inspired to build your 5-Star brand.

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