Season 6 Executive Presence EP 25: Genomics & Diversity: Dr. Tania Martín-Mercado on Healthcare’s Future

Grant McGaugh . S6E25 . 00:00

Episode highlight: Dr. Tania Marie Martín-Mercado graces the mic, discussing her ground-breaking work in the fields of genomics and data science. She addresses the much-needed diversity in clinical trials, revealing startling disparities and the need for empowering consumers as they navigate through healthcare systems. Building on the FDA’s recent draft guidance, she underscores the vital need for greater representation in these trials. 

Strap in as we unravel the complex process of drug development, the systemic barriers hindering people of color’s entrance into the medical field, and the importance of succinct communication. Dr. Tania passionately guides us through the labyrinth of insurance coverages and the art of asking the right questions. We delve deep into the trust deficit and representation gap in genomics and public health, touching on the importance of information literacy.

In the last leg of our journey, Dr. Tania takes us through her work on lupus and PTSD. She sheds light on the grueling process of accurate diagnosis, the importance of identifying root causes, and the potential of machine learning in healthcare. We glimpse the future, guided by Dr. Tania’s vision of a healthcare system revolutionized by digital twins, quantum computing, and the convergence of tech giants and biomedical pioneers. Explore the potential, navigate the challenges, and imagine a more personalized healthcare system in this enlightening discussion.

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