Season 6 Executive Presence EP 24 Navigating the Digital Health Frontier with Jeff Sturman CDO of Memorial Healthcare System

Grant McGaugh . S6E24 . 37:40

Step into the world of healthcare technology with our guest, Jeff Sturman, Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer. His journey from consulting to healthcare technology enablement is an inspiring one, laced with lessons on project management, relationship building, and the importance of foundational knowledge. Join us as we unravel the complex dance of combining technology with healthcare and putting patients at the core of this amalgamation.

We shift gears and delve into the challenges that digital transformation and inflation are throwing at healthcare, specifically in the realm of labor issues. Jeff walks us through the complexity of navigating healthcare for vulnerable populations and sparks an essential discussion on simplifying healthcare. He also speaks about the potential of artificial intelligence in enhancing patient care and how quick wins and multi-level consumer engagement are key in this transformative phase.

Finally, we tap into Jeff’s vision for Memorial Healthcare and his passion for caring for people. His Midwestern upbringing and love for college football add a personal touch to this conversation, making it more relatable. Listen in as we blend healthcare, technology, and personal stories to give you a comprehensive view of the industry. Jeff’s commitment to improving healthcare access and impact through technology will leave you with much to ponder and act upon.

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