Season 6 Executive Presence EP 23: Charting NCH’s Path to Tomorrow with CTO Mary Desmarais of NCH Healthcare

Grant McGaugh . S6E23 . 41:32

What happens when healthcare and technology converge? Mary Desmarais, the dynamic CTO of NCH’s health care system, unveils the transformation. Her journey is as inspiring as it is intriguing. Mary takes us through her transition from the corporate world into the healthcare IT industry, thriving in a male-dominated field. Be prepared to be swept off your feet as she shares her advice for those looking to make a similar shift – embracing risks, venturing into unknown territories, and grabbing every opportunity with open arms.

Get ready for a roller coaster of a tale as we navigate the challenges and opportunities that technology has brought to healthcare. We cover everything from the integral role of IT teams in daily operations to the transformative potential of AI and VR. We also touch upon the increasing significance of technology in the care of our senior population and how virtual health visits are revolutionizing their access to healthcare. 

Topping it all, we dive into the crucial role of technology in disaster recovery. Using her experience with Hurricane Ian as a case study, Mary underlines the importance of preparedness and real-time data’s role in it. As we conclude, we reflect on the potential of technology in bridging the gap between the healthcare industry and the public. Join us for this compelling conversation with Mary Desmarais and discover the incredible convergence of healthcare and technology.

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