Season 5 Technology Innovation Episode 12: Defining the Brand of Healthcare informatics with Oscar Perez, Chief Application & Innovation Officer at Health Choice Network

Grant McGaugh . S5E12 . 41:06

In an age where work quality and digital footprints are measured more than ever, informaticists must develop and curate their own individual brands in effective ways. My next guest Oscar Perez uses his brand to communicate resources necessary to accomplish a strategic goal, solve tough IT challenges, and to define the cost associated with performance objectives.

Perez lives at the intersection of informatics and IT technology. The integration of healthcare sciences, computer science, information science, and cognitive science. He focuses on the people and processes to manage technology and data to deliver the right outcomes at the right times to maximize patient outcomes. 

Oscar says Informatics is about understanding workflows and the systems that you are using in a healthcare setting.  Understanding and connecting the dots by being able to align clinical and business systems to the technical requirements. 

Mr. Oscar E Perez is the Chief Application & Innovation Officer at Health Choice Network in South Florida.  He is a transformational and innovative leader with extensive experience in a healthcare executive leadership role. He has a proven record of achievement in strategic planning and digital transformation. Known for developing and building high-performing teams that enable technology throughout the entire organization. Mr. Perez is accomplished in addressing business and clinical critical issues, utilizing technology and innovative approaches while managing costs and reducing risks.

Mr. Perez has been in healthcare IT for over 28+ years.   He’s worked at various healthcare systems including large academic medical centers like the University of Miami Healthcare System and large public healthcare safety net systems like Jackson Memorial in south Florida.  Most recently he was Vice President of IT at Memorial Healthcare System, a 6-hospital public healthcare system that includes Joe DiMaggio’s Children’s Hospital in Broward County, Florida.  In addition, he’s consulted at many large healthcare systems throughout the country like Emory in Atlanta, MD Anderson in Houston, and many more.  His well-rounded healthcare experience has allowed him to make an impact wherever he’s been.

Mr. Perez currently lives with his family in South Florida, where he received a Bachelor’ in Management Information Systems (MIS) from FIU and a Master’ in Healthcare Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Miami.  He also serves on the board for South Florida HIMSS as past president and is a member of CHIME and NACHC.

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