Season 5 Technology Innovation Episode 11: Cryptic Chronicles featuring Keith D. Smith CEO of Wavelink

Grant McGaugh . S5E11 . 41:57

What is the value of digital assets in a technological society? Companies like Amazon, Apple and Meta have generated billions in the Web 2.0 platform of digital platforms. Will Web 3.0 give rise to an entirely new generation of incredible wealth? 

My next guest Keith D Smith CEO of Wavelink, says we must all participate in this next platform of technology to change the human experience. 

Keith has served as a strategic business consultant for companies focusing on financial technology and distributed systems. Keith is the Founder of Wavelink, a Web 3.0 infrastructure company providing connectivity services between large financial institutions and Web 3.0 applications. Keith is also the Founder of Yield Media Group, where he manages marketing communications for fintech organizations such as NEAR Protocol.

Today’s databases are vulnerable, fragmented, and expensive to maintain. In a world where everything and everyone is connected to the internet and where user data is maliciously used as a form of political currency, asset tokenization, and decentralized ledger technology (DLT). Blockchain middleware solutions help individuals and businesses to benefit from the unlocked value that interoperability and improved transparency may offer in our increasingly open society in need of a focus on stakeholder capitalism. 

It is estimated that nearly 50% of the world’s 1.7B unbanked population own a smartphone or other smart device. Innovation in open banking and decentralized finance allows anyone with an internet connection to trade new classes of assets and utilize complex financial instruments that are revolutionizing financial markets in real time. Decentralized exchanges, allowing citizens around the world to trade digital assets without any intermediary, and the tokenization (and fractionalization) of traditional assets, such as real estate and other traditional equity investments, truly demonstrate the opportunity for internet users. 

Keith D Smith has a deep passion for the potential democratization of financial services and the internet by the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), and the tokenization of traditional financial assets drives him daily to learn how to help deliver a world where power rests at the fingertips of the people.

Let us welcome Keith D. Smith to the Follow the Brand Podcast, Where we are building a 5 STAR Brand That You Can Follow!

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