Season 5 Technology Innovation Episode 10: Creative Conversation and Connection with Heather Maio-Smith, Co-Founder, President, and Chief Visionary Officer at StoryFile

Grant McGaugh . S5E10 . 45:04

“As human beings our identity is made up of all the people that lived before us. The ability to have continued conversations with people either living or not in an interactive platform, is a blessing, “ Says my next guest Heather Smith.  She drives a deeper connection with family, business, and people through conversational video services. 

Heather Smith is an experiential exhibit designer who has exhibited in Los Angeles, Cuba, and The United Nations. Heather was the concept creator and producer of New Dimensions in Testimony, the technology behind future generations being able to have a conversation with a Holocaust survivor. Heather partnered with USC Shoah Foundation on New Dimensions in Testimony to develop a new interview methodology. Heather now serves as the CVO of StoryFile, an interactive Conversational Video AI Platform that uses advanced natural language processing and artificial intelligence to make video interaction feel just like a real conversation. StoryFile’s technology will allow people to have conversations with video, removing the boundaries of time and space, so that we can experience all kinds of conversations and learn from individuals whenever and wherever we want. At the heart of Heather’s work is the underlying need to share, preserve and learn from the human experience. Heather’s work has been featured on NBC’s The Today Show, The New Yorker, The BBC and on 60 Minutes.

Heather had always intended to use the interactive concept she had created to preserve the stories of humanity for future generations.  In 2017, she launched StoryFile to create a cloud-based, no-code, automatic platform that would bring the power of conversational video into everyone’s hands.

StoryFile is revolutionizing the way we connect with each other by introducing conversational video with Audio Visual technology at the forefront of this generation. StoryFile magically turns video into a conversation through the click of a button. This next generation of technology uses artificial intelligence to support video conversations on any device. StoryFile transforms traditional one-way video into a two-way conversation. This is the biggest audio-visual evolution since video was first created.

Let us welcome Health Maio Smith to The Follow the Brand Podcast, where we are building a 5 STAR Brand that you Can Follow!

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