Season 5 Episode 7: The Power of Encouragement featuring Derrick L. Miles CEO CourMed

Grant McGaugh . S5E7 . 41:34

If you are going to create generational wealth, you must own something. Whether it is a business, real estate, stocks, or insurance, you must have meaningful relationships that propel you forward to get to that first liquidity event and understand the power of encouragement.

This is the mindset of Derrick l Miles, president and CEO at Courmed, a healthcare solutions company offering enterprise software and innovative concierge delivery of healthcare products and services. He has failed forward many times before he learned what he needed to do in scaling a crowdsource healthcare delivery service.

Failure is a part of the success story. Words of encouragement speak power into your business and your life. A simple word of encouragement can save your life and the lives of others. Says Derrick Miles as a former hospital executive, he experienced a tremendous amount of early success on the operational side of the business, becoming a CEO of a specialty hospital at age 31, and being part of teams that financially transformed poorly performing hospitals.

After launching a Q4 or 2018 at Vizient headquarters in North Texas and with additional regional headquarters expansion plans, including a gateway city in Arizona and California. As a result, Miles is now a private aviation customer of JSX. With the CourMed proprietary software, they can utilize the Microsoft marketplace and AppStore portals to quickly add more states and foreign countries to their access range.

Will Miles join Robert F. Smith, David Stewart, Oprah Winy, and Michael Jordan on the short list of black billionaires with Microsoft support and worldwide scalability?
 It’s a real possibility as reported in JetSet Magazine. Derrick L Miles founded CourMed in 2018 is a pharmaceutical delivery service.

The company has since further diversified its offerings to provide well-care solutions through partnerships with physicians, nurses, and pharmacies to the company’s target market, which includes health-conscious adults, performance athletes, and people 50 and older with an above-average networth. You can be in your home, at your corporate office, or in a luxury hotel like the efficient on Miami Beach and get monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, prescriptions, or IV vitamin therapy.

According to Derrick Miles, now headquartered in McKinney, Texas with a new regional office recently announced in Miami Beach, CourMed is significantly expanding its region to upscale areas in need of healthcare concierge services of all types. Miles. A former hospital administrator and 15-year healthcare executive have taken the company’s offerings beyond just delivering.

To provide enterprise software and innovative concierge product and service delivery, Derek Miles receives both an MHSA and MBA from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He also holds a BS and Medical Tech. With a minor in chemistry from Bethune- Cookman University. Derrick L. Miles received a certificate in Lean Healthcare from the University of Michigan and is enrolled at Stanford University working towards professional certification in Innovation and entrepreneurship. Derek is married with two sons. His family lives in Collin County, Texas, and county Florida.

 Let’s welcome  Derrick to the podcast where we are building a 5 star brand that you can follow!

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