Season 5 Episode 6: New World Brands featuring Terry Proto CEO Virtual Reality Marketing

Grant McGaugh . S5E6 . 48:55

The metaverse consists of a sense of immersion, real-time interactivity, and user agency and will provide economic opportunities using new kinds of digital business assets and value exchange models. Says my next guest Terry Proto.  

The metaverse is a concept of a 3D digital world. It consists of virtual spaces you can explore using an avatar you create. It is the next step in digital transformation. Companies that integrate VR into operational processes will have a clear advantage.  Market researchers at PwC have found that VR and AR will spur an increase in the global economic output of over 1.5 trillion dollars by 2030.

Terry Proto helps 3-D creators to promote their businesses by leveraging his 25 years of business strategy and marketing to coach creators. He connects creators with businesses that need to elevate their brands into the Metaverse.

He builds Trust through the Largest directory of creators and over 600 case studies for brands that need information on how to apply 3D technology for their products and services. 

3D high fidelity smart AI technology has been maturing in the gaming, movie, and business app space for over 25 years

Proto is an experienced entrepreneur with a professional background in creative media in the US, Europe, and Asia. In 2015, when VR/AR exploded onto the scene, Terry saw the potential in a growing creative market whose professionals would need help with strategic and business development advice. Since then, Terry founded his XR Business Consulting agency and the leading VR/AR showcase and community at

Let us Welcome Terry Proto to the Follow the Brand Podcast Where We are Building 5 STAR BRANDS that You Can Follow!

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