Season 5 Episode 5: Exploring Immersive Design with Natasha Rabsatt CEO Founder NAR Creative

Grant McGaugh . S5E5 . 42:43

Knowing how the human brain connects through experience in the physical, digital, and virtual worlds is key to design success says my next guest Natasha Rabsatt. Natasha is part of a growing group of experienced designers who take a mindfulness approach in her design projects. 

 Is the desired product or service inclusive, accessible, and usable across a well-defined user audience?  Are we creating a mindful multi-dimensional experience? Design is not just visual, and aesthetic says Natasha it has to be creative, and authentic and includes the human factors that take in the most important qualitative factors.

 Data research and understanding the audience are the keys to designing success.  How is the user going to feel about your product or service?  Who is the learner?  Is the final design intercultural, adaptable, trusting, and reflective and how does it all fit together and deliver impact?

 Creating in ways that are mindful of filling in the gaps with human factors, and environmental and understanding of how to create solutions that make sense, add value, and are useful to the community is the NAR Creative Brand Experience.

 Natasha is an entrepreneur, strategic designer, advisor, XR strategist, and combat veteran with over 17 years of experience in diverse industries and sectors, centered around learning, design, leadership, analysis, and technology.  Extensive world travel and experiences in various communities sparked a deep interest in Natasha to unlock human potential at the intersection of humanity, technology, and the environment.

 She is an advocate for what she coins as “mindful design for the future,” which encourages awareness, fluency, and commitment to excellence with inclusion, sustainability, and responsible design best practices with immersive and emerging technologies both inside and outside of the metaverse. 

She is also the founder and CEO of NAR Creative LLC – a strategic design and advisory firm supporting businesses and organizations by building inclusive strategy, experiences, and creative works to enhance adaptation and resilience to rapid changes with technology and innovation. 

Let us welcome Natasha Rabsatt to the Follow the Brand Podcast Where we are building a 5 STAR Brand That You Can Follow!

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